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Founded in 2003, and acquired by Firebrand Media LLC in January of 2009, the Laguna Beach Independent is the local’s newspaper for Laguna Beach, California. We feature local news, politics, the arts and festivals, news features, local sports and events.
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Advertise with the Newport Beach Independent Newspaper “Indy” and

The Indy is delivered every Friday to more than 11,000 Newport Beach homes and to more than 125 strategic locations in town. With a total circulation of 64,000 newspapers every month with as estimated readership of 164,000*, the Indy offers more exposure for your business than any of our competitors’ in print alone in the Newport Beach Market.


The is the best opportunity to get your brand or message out to our highly targeted audience. In addition, we offer great programs that combine our printed and online versions of the Newport Beach Independent. There is no need to settle for a piece of the pie, we all know readers consume content differently, some in print, some online and some via mobile. The Firebrand Newport Beach online bundle gives you everything.


Our audience is split 50/50 between men and women. Our primary viewership is between the ages of 35-65. We are over represented with both college and grad school educated individuals. Our primary audience has a mean income in excess of $100,000.**

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Contact us at:

Or call our office: 949-715-4100 and ask for the sales department

580 Broadway Street, Suite 301
Laguna Beach, Ca 92651